Intelligent value chain with data-based algorithms

Our purchasing and procurement service is based on the analysis of costs and supply chains for approx. 6900 procurement processes and offers over the past 8 years.


The basis of data is the global, collaborative procurement of products in the following categories


•  Welded structures (machinery and plant engineering,

   steel construction)

•  Roll and roller bodies

•  Machine components

•  Components of mill technology

•  Rail components


Our procurement processes are based on various algorithms for our global supplier selection and for determining all manufacturing costs for the requested products.


The original basis of data consists of information given by the production drawings and the material lists/bills of material.


The evaluation of the results from the evaluation of all data is carried out according to the current wages and material prices.

With our purchasing service for industry, we have the necessary know-how, e.g. to analyse existing production programs for welded assemblies with our tools and, if necessary, to submit technical and commercial procurement offers to our customers.


The basis of our purchasing and procurement service is a procurement matrix that uses data to determine the proportions of in-house and externally manufactured products.


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