Maintenance service


ISRR Industrie Service Rhein-Ruhr GmbH is a long-term maintenance partner for companies in Germany and abroad in the following industries:


• Steel producing industry

• Steel processing industry

• Aluminium industry

• Chemical industry

• Petrochemical industry

• Cement industry

• Municipal utilities

• Production plants

• Port industries


Maintenance of components for

machinery and plant engineering.


We create new parts from worn out parts

to extend the technical service life of the

worn parts.This allows to avoid cost-intensive investments whenever possible.

The economical alternative to new investment!


Long-term expertise is the basis of our engineering services

for intelligent industrial maintenance and the production of

innovative products. We focus on practical, cost-effective

solutions. Qualified employees and modern analogue and

digital systems are at our disposal to efficiently solve our tasks.

Fields of work

maintenance service

Industrial maintenance

Roller service

Gearbox service

New part manufacturing

Steel / Stainless steel / Aluminium



Procurement of products

in Germany and abroad


ISRR  Industrie Service Rhein-Ruhr GmbH

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