Project engineering and development

Our engineering services are based on our decades-long know-how for product-specific applications in the steel mill industry as well as in plant and machinery engineering.


Our focus is on practical and cost-effective solutions with defined customer benefits.


Qualified employees and modern analogue and digital systems are at our disposal to efficiently solve our tasks.

Our engineering / development area includes
the following tasks:


•  Conversions in machinery and plant engineering

•  Extension structures

•  Modernization of production facilities

•  Re-engineering of existing components based on samples

•  Heavy-duty lifting equipment according to DIN 13155

•  Test equipment

•  Welded assemblies

•  Industrial equipment

•  Development and optimization of wear parts for optimized

   service life

Example of perforated stone ejection device for continuous casting plant

Scope of services:



•  Construction including complete drawing creation

•  Technical calculations (stresses, deformations)

•  Risk analysis in accordance with the current Machinery

   Directive 2006/42/EC

   – Research of the guidelines and standards to be adhered to

   – Danger and risk analysis based on DIN EN ISO 12100,

      considering the measures taken to date and load

      calculations carried out (part of the design)

   – Defining risk mitigation measures

•  Declaration of conformity in accordance with the current

   Machinery Directive DIN EN ISO 12100

•  - mark assignment and component marking

   (manufacturer's plate)

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