Purchasing and procurement service / Industry purchasing

Strategic procurement of products in Germany

and abroad

As specialists for the procurement service, we take on the complete handling of your requirements for goods and materials, from order to delivery.


Handling will take place for your own account including the complete assumption of the purchasing risk.


On behalf of our industrial customers (SMEs and corporations), we take on the procurement of the following goods and materials:


• Capital goods according to customer specifications

• Consumer goods for production

• Raw materials / semi-finished products

• One-time requirements / special parts

• Initial procurement of innovative products

  (e.g. vertical farming)

• Production requirements

• Special materials according to customer specifications


Our worldwide activities result in cost-optimized solutions for our customers with  measurable economic success.


When procuring products from abroad, we guarantee the desired quality by using our local quality management systems.


This includes the certification of our suppliers according to our quality standards. Technical acceptance of our products abroad is carried out by internationally recognized testing and classification companies such as:







Examples of industry purchasing


•  Machinery and equipment components

•  Forgings

•  Castings for rest bars

•  Castings for traverses

•  Apparatus components

•  Components of mill technology

•  Drive elements

•  Live rings up to 12 m in diameter (segmented)

•  Rolls/rollers for belt systems

•  Gear parts

•  Drawing parts

•  Rope drums weighing up to 25 t

•  Special roller bearings up to an outside Ø up to 1800 mm

•  Individual weights up to 80 t




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