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Maintenance pays!

Conserving resources and reducing the carbon dioxide

emissions in the production of industrial goods are now

among the essential pre-conditions for the future way

of economic activities.


Industrial maintenance of complete systems and

machines of all kinds offers here an economic

alternative to new procurement of these components!


The basic idea of maintenance is to make new parts

from worn parts in order to extend the technical service

life of the worn out parts and to avoid costly investments

whenever possible.


We have many years of experience in industrial maintenance for machinery and plant engineering in the following industries:


• Steel producing industry

• Steel processing industry

• Chemical industry

• Petrochemical industry


It is of economic benefit to preserve the value of the parts used and to

turn them back into their original condition by means of a professional maintenance. We grant an original value guarantee on the basis of manufacturer and DIN standards.


The economic efficiency of industrial maintenance is always given when its maintenance is profitable (with evidence of economic efficiency).


• Cement industry

• Municipal utilities

• Production plants

• Port industries


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