Purchasing and procurement service

Procurement of products in Germany and abroad

We support the materials management of industrial companies in machinery and plant engineering in the procurement of technical products from Germany and abroad.


When procuring products from abroad, we guarantee the desired quality by using our local quality management systems.


This includes the certification of our suppliers according to our quality standards and the technical acceptance of our products by internationally accredited testing or classification companies such as:






Det Norske     Germanischer          Lloyds British            TÜV

   Veritas                Lloyd



•  Machinery and equipment components

•  Castings and forgings

•  Apparatus components

•  Components of mill technology

•  Drive elements

•  Running treads up to 12 m in diameter (segmented)

•  Rolls/rollers for belt systems

•  Sheet metal parts

•  Plastic parts

•  Drawing parts

•  Rope drums up to 20 t weight

•  Special rolling bearings up to 1800 mm outer diameter



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